In part 1 of this blog post, we looked at some of the key benefits of a commercebuild eCommerce webstore. In part 2, we will be talking about even more key benefits and how commercebuild could be a huge benefit to your business!

6. Faster delivery

An effective eCommerce solution makes the buying process quicker for both the buyer and the seller. A synchronized and automated system eliminates any manual order entry errors and can handle multiple complex orders, leading to happy and satisfied customers with a stress-free and quick buying experience. With so much of the process being automated, it allows for processes to happen far quicker, enabling a faster delivery for your customers, as you’re no longer waiting on staff to process the order. commercebuild’s webstore fully integrates with your existing Sage ERP, creating a streamlined and automating buying experience and an exceptional customer experience.  

7. Reduce costs

Much of the commercebuild webstore is automated, and as we’ve mentioned, this means that your sales team no longer needs to be manually inputting much of what they would have had to before. Therefore, saving money on customer service and manual order entry will help you to reduce your costs and reinvest this money into other areas of your business.

8. Remain competitive

Businesses and consumers are noticeably purchasing more and more online, so having a strong online presence is more important now than ever before. Without an online eCommerce sales channel, customers may switch to competitors who can provide them with a faster and more efficient online buying experience, compared with other companies that aren’t yet digital. With online sales becoming the norm, it’s important to stay up to date with how customers are doing business and ensure you’re not left behind! commercebuild is the ideal company to help you to stay ahead of your competitors in the digital world and can have you up and running online in just 60 days!

9. Analyze core data and boost analytics

Analyzing and measuring core data gives you insights into valuable customer information. Having the data and understanding your customers, sales, and inventory is essential in helping your business to grow and improve. With a commercebuild webstore, you can have this information at your fingertips which is a huge benefit to any B2B business.

10. Scalability

With a successful online platform, your business can grow in line with the market demand which is key to staying ahead of the game with an ever-changing and competitive market.

We’ve highlighted some of the benefits of an eCommerce platform, but there are so many more! eCommerce is growing and is now key to any business, so it’s time to start thinking about making the change and offering your customers a Sage-integrated webstore and customer portal. commercebuild can help you to build an exceptional B2B eCommerce customer portal and webstore in as little as 60 days. With the knowledge and experience of our eCommerce experts, you can be confident that your new commercebuild platform will help you to turn your existing Sage ERP into a revenue center!

Contact us today to book a free demo and see for yourself the benefits of moving digital and building an eCommerce platform for your business, with commercebuild.