Micro Mobility

Micro Mobility is Dialed in with commercebuild


Micro Mobility is Dialed in with commercebuild

Micro Mobility, the importer for micro scooters for Australia and New Zealand, is all dialed in after streamlining their eCommerce offering.

Micro Mobility was using separate applications for back office and eCommerce management. As the business grew, this was causing increasing workflow delays, impacting delivery times and revenue. They kicked off a project to evaluate systems and found that open source eCommerce solutions did not address the integration challenge they were facing.

commercebuild was selected by Micro Mobility because of the ease of implementation and that they needed a comprehensive end-to-end solution that could handle their growth plans.

With commercebuild, Micro Mobility was able to easily automate and integrate eCommerce with their Sage back office to provide real-time visibility over stock management, multi-currency purchase ordering, and reporting & analytics.

commercebuild is now an integral part of their business. In the 12 months following system implementation, Micro Mobility experienced 60% growth in business, shipping over 20,000 items ordered online. Without commercebuild, this level of volume would have required additional staff, impacting profitability.

“The lack of watertight integration between our three systems – website, back office and warehouse – was resulting in errors that were becoming difficult to manage, hindering growth,” said Jeremy Brown, Director, Micro Mobility.

“The clean integration with commercebuild from customer right through to the dispatch of the order and then back to the customer again means information is now keyed only once, thereby reducing human effort and margin for error.”