commercebuild B2C for Sage ERP

Customer Centric Sage 300, formerly Accpac, & Sage X3 eCommerce Solutions for a Fully Personalized Experience

What is commercebuild B2C?

Digital Extension

A highly scalable, performance-based B2C eCommerce solution for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, extending your Sage-run business to the digital world.

Commercial Value

Critical, in our view, is the commercial value held in your Sage ERP system. Our software integrates with Sage in a more fundamental and meaningful way than is often considered.

Certified Solution

commercebuild is the only Sage certified eCommerce solution and the only way to deliver a true, personalized online experience for your customers.

Confidence Delivered

Your customers and buyers expect to purchase when they want, quickly and with confidence. Confidence that can only be delivered with an ERP integrated eCommerce solution.

Why commercebuild B2C?

Intelligently replicate the business logic built into your Sage ERP to easily extend your Sage-run business online.

eCommerce Evolution

B2C eCommerce is a rapidly evolving channel and you need a platform that will scale as your business grows.

Consumer Relevance

Retail operations need to embrace eCommerce to remain relevant as their customers demand 24/7 access.

Customer Expectations

Customers expect both access to accurate information and a compelling user experience.

Customer Experience

Only commercebuild leverages the business logic you’ve already built into your Sage ERP system - so you can invest in the customer experience.

Take a look at our commercebuild offerings

Maximize your Sage ERP investment with numerous commercebuild features

View all orders real-time from across all sales channels with our powerful, feature-rich platform

Online brand extension

Easily extend your brand online and onto any device through the use of flexible, responsive templates.

Secure, flexible payments

Secure payment gateway options, as well as multilingual and multicurrency capabilities.

Digital Readiness

SEO-centric design & cross-sell capabilities, along with 3rd party analytics service support.

commercebuild B2C Benefits

Exceed your customers’ evolving online expectations and increase customer satisfaction

Always accurate price & inventory info

Increase average order value

Reduce admin costs & data entry errors

Optimize operating efficiencies

Simple, easy-to-use admin console

Ease of implementation with zero hardware costs

Scales to any device type

Seamless upgrades to new versions of Sage

Auto Posting

New orders are automatically posted to your Sage ERP system for processing

Real-time Reporting

Accurate real-time inventory reporting from your Sage ERP system

3rd Party Integrations

Integrate with numerous third-party solutions: review and blog engines, and social media platforms

eCommerce that goes beyond integration

By replicating the business logic you’ve built into your Sage ERP system, commercebuild goes beyond standard integration to deliver your customers a complete end-to-end digital experience.

Maximizing your Sage ERP investment. That’s commercebuild.

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