commercebuild Customer Portal

    Real-Time Self-Service for Your Customers

    What is commercebuild Customer Portal?

    Real-Time Orders View

    The commercebuild Customer Portal provides your customers with a consolidated real-time view of all their orders across all sales channels.

    Full Document Access

    Your customers can access and print original Sage ERP documents, such as invoices, credit notes, shipping documents and proof-of delivery.

    Digital Extension

    A highly scalable, performance-based B2B eCommerce solution, extending your Sage-run business to the digital world.

    Certified Solution

    commercebuild is the only Sage certified eCommerce solution and the only way to deliver a true, personalized online experience for your customers.

    Why the commercebuild Customer Portal?


    Customer Control

    Deliver your customers 24/7 online access to accurate order and account management.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Through intelligent replication, commercebuild reveals that logic so you can focus on investing in the customer experience.

    Comprehensive View

    You'll receive a comprehensive view of all orders - regardless of sales channel.

    Business Logic

    Only commercebuild leverages the business logic you’ve already built into your Sage ERP system.

    Providing your customers with real-time access is good for your business.
    Make it great by providing them with the commercebuild Customer Portal.

    View all orders real-time from across all sales channels with our powerful, feature-rich platform

    This dynamic platform provides a powerful, feature-rich system, offering over 200 components

    Intelligent Replication

    Replicate the business logic that already exists in your Sage ERP system.

    Online Brand Extension

    Easily extend your brand online and onto any device through the use of flexible, responsive templates.

    Real-Time Accessibility

    Your customers can access all their account details and activity on demand.

    commercebuild Customer Portal​ Benefits

    Exceed your customers’ evolving online expectations with real-time access to their account activity

    View open and completed invoices, orders, payment and much more

    Reduce back office administration costs

    Lower customer service requests

    Drive new revenue opportunities with cross-promotion capabilities

    Ease of implementation with zero hardware costs

    Scales to any device type

    Seamless upgrades to new versions of Sage

    Single View

    Provide a consolidated view of all customer transactions, regardless of sales channel

    Access Sage ERP Documents

    View and print original Sage ERP documents, such as invoices, credit notes and shipping documents

    eCommerce that goes beyond integration

    By replicating the business logic you’ve built into your Sage ERP system, commercebuild goes beyond standard integration to deliver your customers a complete end-to-end digital experience.

    Maximizing your Sage ERP investment. That’s commercebuild.

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