commercebuild Payments for Sage ERP

Secure & Reliable Credit Card Payment Processing for Sage 300, formerly Accpac

What is commercebuild Payments?

Integrated Payments

A fully integrated payments module, commercebuild Payments allows you to accept credit card payments for orders & invoices in real time.

Payment Flexibility

Take pre-authorizations, capture payments, issue credit notes & refunds for any transaction in your Sage 300 system.

Customizable Views

Customize your view of transactions so information is accessible when and how you need it.

Risk Aversion

Take the risk out of accepting online transactions with commercebuild Payments.

Why commercebuild Payments?


Online Payment Expectations

Online credit card payments are now the expectation, whether for wholesale or retail transactions.

Secure Transactions

Processing credit card transactions securely and efficiently is critical to scaling your business with confidence.

Real Time Processing

Why waste time processing and reconciling credit card transaction in a third-party system when you can do it directly in your Sage 300 system, in real time?

Improved Customer Experience

With commercebuild Payments, you can focus on improving the online customer experience instead of worrying about online transactions.

Take a look at our commercebuild offerings

Maximize your Sage ERP investment with numerous commercebuild features


Day End Auto-sync

Auto sync with Sage 300 day end processing, while handling batch or individual processing

Robust Receipt Generation

Create receipt batches & write receipts, as well as configuring receipt batches by credit card type

Settlement and Fraud Reporting

Generate settlement reports; Automated fraud check indicators (Q3)

commercebuild Payments Benefits


Faster and more efficient payment processing

Reduce costs for traditional billing and collections

Eliminate entry duplication and error

Reduce fraud activity

Increase customer satisfaction

Simplify payment/receivables reconciliation

Free up staff to work on other duties

Seamless upgrades to new versions of Sage

Transactional Flexibility

Issue refunds & credit notes; Group, sort and filter transactions

Flexibility with

Maintain valid credit card tokens, then store & maintain tokens for reuse

Invoicing & Order Flexibility

Pay invoices using a credit card; pre-authorization and capture against orders & invoices

eCommerce that goes beyond integration

By replicating the business logic you’ve built into your Sage ERP system, commercebuild goes beyond standard integration to deliver your customers a complete end-to-end digital experience.

commercebuild Payments for Your Sage 300 Run Business

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