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Mirage Screen Systems

“Unbelievable integration with our Sage 300 system; what every distribution company needs!”

March 18, 2022
1-minute read

What percentage of your order volume goes through your eCommerce webstore, and who has access to it? 

About 90% of our order volume goes through the Symphony site, and it’s accessible to both my dealers and customers.

Why is your eCommerce webstore so important to your business?

Without it, I would have to enter everything manually into Sage. The site is absolutely critical for our operations. 

What do you consider the biggest benefit of your integrated eCommerce webstore?

To me, there is absolutely no point in having an eCommerce site that’s not integrated with our main accounting system, and our customers love it because it provides them with instant feedback regarding the status of their orders and their account information.

How does your webstore help you in maintaining your strategic approach to going to market?

It allows us to maintain our strategic approach to going to market by providing us with the tools and information needed to make informed decisions and respond quickly to customer needs.