Raise your hand if you hate pop-ups. Don’t worry, we raised our hands as well. While most people find pop-ups annoying, you would be surprised to know – pop-ups work. In fact, they work really well!

The average conversion rate for all pop-ups is 3.09%

Just to give you an idea, the average conversion rate for email opt-in forms is 1.95%. It doesn’t seem like a big difference at first but when your site has a 100,000 visitors a month, the percentage difference matters.

To be honest, it probably matters even more if you are a small business trying to build your mailing lists. Every subscriber counts! So let’s talk about the how to make them work to your advantage.

3 types of pop-ups and their uses:

  1. Entry Pop-Ups

You click on a link in Google, go to the site and BAM, there is a pop-up to greet you. Entry pop-ups are usually quite aggressive and can turn a user off. However, if used for limited offers, they work quite well. Limited time offers are important and are a great way to entice your first-time customers to shop from you and not your competitors.

  1. Exit Pop-Ups

Losing site visitors? Exit pop-ups are a great way to retarget these visitors and get them back to your website later or to encourage your customers to finish their purchase.

Have an e-book, whitepaper, referral deal, free quote or free samples you can offer? Here is your chance to do so! Have a potential customer exiting from the cart page? Create a pop-up with an exclusive discount code for free shipping or ‘10% off’ to encourage them to finish their purchase.

  1. Floating Bar Pop-Ups

If you are looking for a pop-up that is the least intrusive out of all three, then floating bar pop-ups are your best friend. These can be used to offer any of the goodies we have mentioned above as they don’t interrupt the buying experience.

We would recommend delaying your floating bar pop-ups by a minimum of 30 seconds. This way you are engaging with users that have shown interest in your site and your products.

When used right, pop-ups are an effective marketing tool for online conversion. They are a great way to drastically improve your online lead generation activities and grow your lists. However, it is important to remember, that pop-ups alone don’t do the trick. They work in cohesion with your website, your offer and your overall customer experience – so make sure to pay close attention to all aspects!

Want to improve online conversions with pop-ups? Contact sales@commercebuild.com to set up a demo. We’d love to help!