Bring Your Brand to Life with Health and Beauty eCommerce

Affordable, turnkey eCommerce solutions built to fit the glitz and the glam of the health and beauty industry.

Trusted by B2B & B2C Sage ERP customers:
Anderson Pumphouse Ltd.
M2 Biologics
Maddies Natural Pet Products
University Furnishings

Make Online Beauty Shopping Easy

From skin care to esthetics, the health and beauty eCommerce market is overflowing with opportunities. In the United States alone, beauty eCommerce accounted for 7.4% of total eCommerce sales in 2020 – and it’s rising at a 4.75% annual growth rate globally! If you’re ready to generate additional sales and revenue by taking your beauty brand online, commercebuild can help you launch a responsive and engaging eCommerce website in under 60 days.



Grow Your Customer Base Quickly

Grow Your Customer Base Quickly

Expand your reach with a flexible eCommerce solution that supports different currencies, multiple product ranges, and shipping for B2B and B2C operations.
Reduce Complexity and Maintenance

Reduce Complexity and Maintenance

Built in the cloud, commercebuild is an easy-to-use eCommerce platform that seamlessly integrates with ERP software without any need for coding or webhooks.
Personalize the Shopping Experience

Personalize the Shopping Experience

As a trusted beauty brand, commercebuild provides the functionality and tools you need to differentiate your brand and build strong connections with your clientele.

8 benefits of an ERP-integrated eCommerce webstore


Your clients want to be able to do business online at any time and place. Find out how an eCommerce solution integrated with your ERP is the key to meeting those digital demands.

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Seamlessly Sync Your ERP Data to Your Webstore

Building and operating a standalone eCommerce website from your ERP system is not a great use of your time. With a natively integrated SaaS eCommerce solution, you only have one solution to manage and maintain everything from your orders and payments to inventory availability, prices, customers, and items.

Sage X3 and 300

Maximize your ERP investement with the largest Sage-certified eCommerce solution designed to instantly connect with your Sage X3 or Sage 300 ERP.
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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Bring your ERP and eCommerce operations together with a turnkey eCommerce webstore from commercebuild that integrates direcly with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment.
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Drive new revenue and grow your customer base with a cost-effective eCommerce platform that integrates seamlessly with your NetSuite ERP solution.
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B2B and B2C eCommerce for Every Budget

Our health and beauty eCommerce solutions are built for ease and simplicity. Instead of spending money on customization and technical resources, we provide all of the eCommerce functionality you need to support your B2B and B2C customers while optimizing your revenue and margins. Whether you are a small business or looking to expand, we offer a flexible solution that is affordable on both an initial and ongoing basis.

Scalable eCommerce to Support Growth

With commercebuild, you get a fully functional, revenue-producing website integrated with your ERP in 60 days. Built in the cloud, our SaaS eCommerce solution for the health and beauty industry can easily be scaled up or down depending on your needs.

Around the Clock Service

Give your customers the 24/7/365 sales and self-service capabilities they need to manage orders and their account.

Quick Training and Adoption

Empower your employees with the ability to instantly update content, add products, and change pricing all on their own.

Fast Time to Value

It doesn’t take long to setup your webstore, start accepting orders, and seeing the money (and customers) roll in.

Capitalize on Cross Sales

With automated features like upselling and cross-selling, you can get the right products in the right customers at the right time – without human intervention. With advanced marketing and sales functionality out-of-the-box, our customers typically experience a 20%-30% revenue increase within 12 months of adding commercebuild.


Maximize your Sage X3 and Sage 300 Investment with commercebuild

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