If after making changes to product or page content, such as the secondary description on a product or elements in the carousel on your home page, sometimes those changes may not show up on your site. This can occur due to a couple of reasons.

You’re Editing the “Default” Language Instead of “English”

Before commercebuild offered editable descriptions, the only way to modify them was to enable Multilanguage. If you’re not using another language, enabling Multilanguage is no longer required to modify product descriptions. Thus, you can disable the feature, if you’d like.

However, if you are using multiple languages and need Multilanguage to be enabled, be sure that you’re editing the correct display language. If your default language is also English, you would need to edit the English version of the site rather than Default for the changes to show.

Reindex Elasticsearch

When you update a page or a product, Elasticsearch for that specific page or product should be reindexed. However, if not, you may try reindexing entirely to see if the issue is resolved. Assuming your web store admin account has the permissions, you may do this by going to Catalog > Product Settings > Elasticsearch and clicking Reindex.