Going digital with an eCommerce solution revolutionizes how companies do business. We are increasingly seeing businesses move online and the pandemic has pushed many to accelerate their plans to go digital so that they could continue to operate throughout the pandemic. With the limited ability to do face-to-face business, eCommerce has become bigger than ever. Customer demands are changing and they are now wanting to be able to do business online, at any time, and from any place so a webstore or customer portal is no longer only desired, but essential. commercebuild can help you to create a customer portal or webstore and help you to turn your Sage 300 or X3 into a revenue center, ensuring that your business is consistently meeting your customers’ needs and that you are remaining competitive in the marketplace.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of growing your business with a commercebuild customer portal or webstore that’s fully integrated with your Sage 300 and X3 platform.

1. Be a part of and benefit from a huge growing market

The digital market is ever-growing and customers are wanting the convenience of an online shopping experience, rather than having to speak with sales reps to make purchases. A commercebuild customer portal and webstore gives your business significant opportunities for revenue growth by having a streamlined and automated customer experience and by being able to use your existing sales reps in different roles to help to develop your business.

2. Reach more buyers

Buyers are using online platforms more and more to make purchases. Not only do they want to be able to complete their purchases online, but they want to be able to research the products online before they decide to buy. With an increasing number of millennials moving into decision-making roles, the demand for your business to become digital has never been higher. Businesses need to ensure that they appear in search results when potential new clients are searching via a search engine and that they have a strong online presence, with eCommerce platforms being key to gaining new customers.

3. Expand to new markets

Moving to an online platform gives you a huge opportunity to expand into new markets, including the ability to go global. Once online, there’s no reason you should be limited to the usual 9-5 business hours, or even limited to customers in your own time zone. Having a commercebuild webstore essentially means that your business can operate 24/7 and reach anywhere in the world! Making sales to buyers all over the world means a huge opportunity for revenue growth and exposure for your business.

4. Increasing sales

There are so many ways in which having an eCommerce platform can help to increase sales. We’ve already discussed how it gives you the ability to go global and therefore expand your sales to be worldwide, but a successful eCommerce platform can also help to increase sales through features such as cross-selling and upselling. A commercebuild webstore encourages customers to buy related products at checkout, offers them discounts to buy more or to upgrade the specification they have chosen. Through the use of cross-selling and upselling, you will be seeing an increase in sales in no time. We’ve all been tempted by the ‘other buyers also bought this’ popup when we’re checking out to make our own personal purchases, and the same goes for your current and new customers!

5. Increase efficiency

Having an automated eCommerce platform allows you to operate far more efficiently. With less time being spent on manual order taking and dealing with invoicing inquiries, this allows your staff to put their time into other customer service functions and developing your businesses in other ways, rather than completing tasks that could be automated with a fully Sage integrated eCommerce platform from commercebuild.

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