Optimize Revenue with Personalized and Dynamic Pricing for eCommerce

Adapt your pricing strategy in an instant with personalized and dynamic pricing options from commercebuild.

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“One-Size-Fits-All” Does Not Work for eCommerce

In some industries, mainly B2B, standardized pricing simply doesn’t cut it. But personalized and dynamic pricing can be complex and many eCommerce platforms simply offer the single price option unless you pay a premium. With commercebuild, we believe that eCommerce software should fit your business and pricing model. That’s why we include personalized and dynamic pricing functionality that supports subscription and usage pricing directly out-of-the-box.

When is the Right Time for eCommerce?


Find out if now is the right time to leap into the digital world by downloading our eCommerce Business Plan Template. It will get you thinking about your business goals and better prepare you for digital transformation.

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Identify the Right Price at the Right Time

Don’t leave profit on the table. Personalized and dynamic pricing in commercebuild is a great way to optimize your inventory and augment sales with targeted online promotions. Our eCommerce software syncs all pricing and discounting automatically from your ERP, so it’s always accurate and quick to update in the backend.

Capture Smart Customer Insights

To personalize the customer experience and find the right price, you need to understand your buyers and their habits. By directly integrating with your ERP, the commercebuild platform helps you track all of these data points in real-time to deliver the ultimate personalized experience for each visitor.


Build Loyalty at Every Interaction

Improve your product offering and keep your customers happy by fine-tuning your pricing strategy. Our flexible eCommerce plafform comes with all of the tools you need to control customer pricing and discounting, personalize your online business, and create a memorable shopping experience.

Omnichannel Delivery

Omnichannel Delivery

Powerful, feature-rich platform with over 200 components, full responsive themes, and mobile support.
Adapt to Supply and Demand

Adapt to Supply and Demand

Real-time processing allows you to quickly change and optimize pricing and discounts in an instant.
Real-Time Inventory Reporting

Real-Time Inventory Reporting

Make decisions based on accurate reporting with instant data importing and exporting tied to your ERP.
Third-Party App Integration

Third-Party App Integration

Custom JS and CSS support provides the ability to embed third-party apps and add-ons.
Personalization at Scale

Personalization at Scale

Our fault tolerant, highly secure cloud architecture enables you to scale up or scale down based on demand.
Product Variants

Product Variants

Unlimited variations for a single product line, with dynamic swatch and item image support.

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