Build a Reliable Online Experience with Medical Supplies eCommerce

Reliable, out-of-the-box eCommerce solutions designed to simplify online fulfillment and compliance in the medical supplies industry.

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Adapt to the New Buying Demands of the Healthcare Industry

As the global medical supply industry continues to grow at 4% per year, companies are seeking new ways to save costs and provide a better experience for their patients. Digital commerce and direct sales has been the most effective solution in providing faster access to medical supplies, and we want to help. At commercebuild, we have over 15 years experience providing turnkey eCommerce solutions to the medical supplies industry. With our help, you can launch your online business with minimal risk and maximal potential, in 60 days or less.

Keep up with Your Industry Competitors

Keep up with Your Industry Competitors

Connect with new customers and expand your reach with a scalable, supported eCommerce solution with proven marketing tools.
Eliminate Data Silos and Order Errors

Eliminate Data Silos and Order Errors

Modernize and accelerate your business processes and order management by eliminating disconnected systems and out-of-date practices.
Create a Frictionless Buying Experience

Create a Frictionless Buying Experience

Give your customers the personalized, quick, and reliable buying experience they are looking for—that keeps them coming back.

8 benefits of an ERP-integrated eCommerce webstore


Your clients want to be able to do business online at any time and place. Find out how an eCommerce solution integrated with your ERP is the key to meeting those digital demands.

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Leverage the Business Logic and Data in Your ERP

Get your online medical supply business up and running quickly with a flexible eCommerce solution that directly integrates with your ERP software. By bringing together your entire operations into one user-friendly platform, you can capture orders faster, instantly update pricing and inventory, track industry regulations, and improve customer service.

Sage X3 and 300

Maximize your ERP investment with the largest Sage-certified eCommerce solution designed to instantly connect with your Sage X3 or Sage 300 ERP.
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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Bring your ERP and eCommerce operations together with a turnkey eCommerce webstore from commercebuild that integrates direcly with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment.
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Deliver a Consistent Online Experience

Your customers want to be able to get the same level of service they are used to, but from the comfort of their own home. With commercebuild, you get the ERP-integrated platform that fully supports both B2B and B2C operations under the same roof for a unified, seamless experience from ordering to delivery. You also get access to valuable marketing and sales information so you can continue to improve the buying experience and impress your customers.

Give Your Customers Total Access to Their Data

We cater to the medical supplies industry by offering a custom-built B2B customer portal with our eCommerce platform and complete transparency for your customers. A self-service portal allows any customer 24/7 access to their orders, status updates, and other important documents. It also gives you the ability to provide customer-specific pricing and discounts.

Effectively Manage Inventory and Products

In healthcare, inventory management can be complex. With commercebuild, we sync multiple inventory locations from your ERP and replicate it online so your customers only see real-time inventory levels and pricing. Our eCommerce solutions are scalable and built to handle massive data and transaction volumes and can be used to bundle different products and variants.

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