Accurate Online Catalog and Product Availability at Your Fingertips

Easily manage products across multiple categories with complete visibility over what inventory is in and out of stock.

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Simplify the Buying Process with Clear Product Navigation and Availability

Catalog management is an integral component to a successful eCommerce webstore. When a customer searches for product information, your business needs a well-managed online product catalog to show up. With commercebuild, you get all of the tools needed to manage inventory and orders in a single database so your customers can easily find what they need and make a purchase.

When is the Right Time for eCommerce?


Find out if now is the right time to leap into the digital world by downloading our eCommerce Business Plan Template. It will get you thinking about your business goals and better prepare you for digital transformation.

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Prevent Stockouts From Happening

Today’s modern consumer expects instant gratification – and when an item is unavailable due to supply chain issues or poor inventory management, they will often purchase elsewhere. Retailers require a single view of product availability in order to know where products are and how soon they can be delivered. That’s why our eCommerce solutions are tightly integrated into your ERP and include product availability and inventory management functionality out-of-the-box.

Take Control of Your Product Catalog

Being able to manage products across multiple categories is essential for any company with an expansive product catalog. With commercebuild, you are able to categorize items up to 5 levels deep and add powerful product filtering for a truly flexible user experience. Our webstore allows you to import items to categories or sync to ERP category assignments to give you full control over your catalog management.


Build Your Webstore Based on Real-Time ERP Data

By replicating the business logic you’ve built into your ERP system, commercebuild eCommerce solutions go beyond standard integration to deliver your customers a complete end-to-end digital experience and always accurate inventory and pricing.

ERP Integration

ERP Integration

Unifying your ERP and eCommerce on one platform creates consistency and one source of truth across your channels.
24/7 Self-Service

24/7 Self-Service

Give your customers instant access to real-time data and order information from anywhere.
Real-Time Inventory

Real-Time Inventory

Create faster reports with extensive data importing and exporting tied to your ERP.
Integrated Shipping

Integrated Shipping

Quickly ship to anywhere with our powerful built-in shipping calculator and integration to popular carriers.
User-Friendly Navigation

User-Friendly Navigation

Make the buying process easier with intuitive search functionality, fast website performance, and multiple payment options.
Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations

Automatically sell related products that complement the original purchase with built-in upsell and cross-sell functionality.

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