Our New White Paper is Here! The 5 Step Plan To Ensure Successful B2B eCommerce

November 9, 2020
1-minute read
Web Marketing


Our new whitepaper is here! The 5 Step Plan To Ensure Successful B2B eCommerce is a must-read for those looking to embrace digital transformation. 

B2B eCommerce is rapidly evolving, and all industries must embrace this change to the way business is done. The majority of buyers’ purchases are moving online, and in order to capture these customers, it is pivotal to have an online platform to support the growing demand. If you are a Sage X3 or 300 user, commercebuild can take advantage of your preexisting data and help create an “Amazon-like” buying experience for your customers.

We have crafted a 5 step plan to ensure that you are well equipped with the knowledge and resources to conquer the digital world. We outline how to leverage B2B eCommerce to drive incremental revenue, improve operating efficiencies, and create a positive customer experience.

We can provide insider knowledge about the eCommerce business landscape, that you will not want to miss. The only question remaining is… Are you eCommerce ready?

In order to learn more, download our white paper here!