Your Complete eCommerce Business Plan Template For Digital Transformation Is Here!

December 7, 2021
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Your Complete eCommerce Business Plan Template For Digital Transformation Is Here!

At commercebuild, we understand that the prospect of moving from a sage-run business into the digital market can be a daunting one, but don’t worry, we’re here to help! We have created an eCommerce business plan template to ensure you consider all the key points necessary before making that leap into the digital world. Our eCommerce business plan template will guide you step by step to consider everything from creating your business goals to marketing and finance, and so much more! It’s a great place to start when beginning the process of digital transformation.

You may be wondering, “when is the right time for eCommerce?” Well, we can tell you that now is the right time to make that digital transformation! With more businesses than ever moving online, your consumers want to know that they can purchase from you at any time, from anywhere! commercebuild has helped hundreds of Sage-run businesses move online, so whether you’re using Sage X3 or Sage 300, our eCommerce experts will be able to support you every step of the way throughout your digital journey.

According to an Avionos B2B Buyer Report, “88% of B2B buyers would turn to a competitor if a current supplier’s digital channels could not keep up with their needs”

Our eCommerce business plan template has been specifically designed with you in mind, the Sage user that is considering eCommerce. We will get you thinking about some of your business goals- what do you want to achieve in the short term? What are your long-term eCommerce goals and what do you hope to achieve by entering the digital market? Whether it’s having the ability to expand into new markets and to serve customers globally or being able to put your staff into new roles where they can help to develop your business rather than spending hours answering invoicing queries, we’ve provided a template to help you to consider exactly how and when you will meet those goals. 

commercebuild has helped many businesses on their digital journey and has for the better! Check out some of our customer success stories HERE and see how a commercebuild webstore has benefitted other Sage-run businesses, just like yours!

If you would like to see how an eCommerce Customer Portal or Webstore could work for your business and help to drive revenue growth, then book a free demo with commercebuild today! 

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“We’re providing customers with a great experience — they tell us they love doing business with us through the webstore. commercebuild allows us to focus on growing our customer base and building our business. We know we can scale the business further without adding more staff, thanks to the efficiencies the software provides.”

Mike Buffa, CEO of Buffa Distribution Inc.

About commercebuild 

commercebuild is the missing piece in transforming your ERP data into a truly personalized eCommerce experience. Flexible and frictionless, our turnkey eCommerce solution delivers 24/7 revenue opportunities to you and your customers. Quick to deploy and easy-to-use, we eliminate the need for middleware between the storefront and ERP data to enable seamless online buying and selling. 

Our solutions can be live in 30-days and offer complete eCommerce capabilities at a price B2B and B2C businesses can afford. 

Drive revenue growth for you, and your customers, while enjoying rapid ROI for both. Go head-to-head with the online retail giants of the world, and win. Experience a solution that integrates with your ERP data and provides automagical cross-sell and upsell opportunities to every customer on your site. 

At the height of ecommerce growth, commercebuild offers scalable, reliable, and robust eCommerce solutions for everyone.

If your business is using Sage 300, Sage X3 or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERPs, commercebuild can build a ERP-driven B2B and B2C eCommerce webstore or Customer Portal.

When is the Right Time for eCommerce?

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