Sage 300 Integration

    Go Beyond Integration with commercebuild

    Leverage your Sage investment

    With commercebuild, unlock the business logic you have built in Sage 300, extending it online to deliver a complete end-to-end digital experience for your customers.

    Replicate Customer Pricing

    commercebuild intelligently replicates the customer specific pricing logic and configuration of your Sage 300 system.

    Flexible Ordering Conditions

    commercebuild gives you the flexibility to apply additional ordering conditions such as promotions, minimum order values, split orders and configured orders.

    commercebuild Integration for Sage 300 Features

    Auto Re-sync

    Accept orders even in the event the connection is dropped

    Online Catalog Synchronization

    Supports the Sage 300 category structure, including pricing, currency and language

    SEO, Marketing and Promotion Tools

    Advanced SEO features, WordPress blog integration, promotion codes and reporting

    Advanced Shipping

    Rich shipping module for calculating volumetric shipping within its own framework as well as fixed price, free shipping over spend amount and carrier zones

    Item Variations

    Support of size & color dropdowns, swatches and grids as well as flexible multi dropdowns for more advanced options


    Available rules-based configurator

    commercebuild Integration for Sage 300 Benefits

    Seamless, easy-to-use and simple to manage, allowing your team to focus on other initiatives to grow your business

    Online Catalog Control

    Gain control over the consistency and accuracy of your online catalog

    Lower Costs

    Significantly lower your costs of maintaining your online presence

    Simplify Orders & Payments

    Dramatically simplify the process of accepting online orders and payments

    No Duplication

    Zero database duplication as commercebuild leverages the existing data in your Sage 300 database

    New Markets

    Reach new customers and markets in a very cost-effective manner

    Empower Sales

    Empower your sales team with real-time customer information

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    Sage Certified

    commercebuild is the only Sage Certified eCommerce solution for Sage 300. After a thorough process, commercebuild was selected as the eCommerce platform that Sage would formally support.

    Exhaustive Review

    The certification process involved an in-depth review of commercebuild’s proprietary integration technology to evaluate performance, security, integration touch points, functionality and commitment to future releases of Sage 300.

    Beyond Integration

    By fusing your Sage 300 system with commercebuild, we go beyond integration to allow you to get maximum value from your Sage investment.

    Industry Standard

    With over 40 Sage 300 tables replicated, commercebuild is the industry standard for ERP to eCommerce replication. Sage 300 tables are synchronized with commercebuild in real-time, delivering 100% accuracy when data is changed.

    This is what commercebuild delivers for your Sage 300 run business.

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