Buffa Bowling “bowls a strike” with Sage eCommerce Integration

December 7, 2020
3-minute read
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A Complete eCommerce Solution

With commercebuild, we saw we could expand our webstore capabilities to serve our business and retail customers. The level of integration is hard to find elsewhere, and we can add additional integrated solutions.” Mark Buffa, CEO

More Shipping, Happier Customers

Orders placed through commercebuild move into Sage ERP and on to the warehouse in a matter of seconds. “With commercebuild, we have streamlined order handling which allows us to ship more orders and improve customer satisfaction. As a distributor, we may be selling many of the same products as our competitors. In order to differentiate ourselves, we have to be better. We have to be faster. With commercebuild, we can focus more resources on getting our orders out quickly and accurately, all while reducing our cost to distribute.”

Working Seamlessly, 24/7

The integration between Sage ERP and commercebuild is strong and comprehensive. Customers can see all open transactions, not just those they’ve placed through the webstore. If an order has left the warehouse, customers can view the shipping progress. The software supports what Buffa describes as a very complicated pricing matrix, with various loyalty tiers and discounts. “We also run frequent sales and promotions, and as soon as we configure those in either platform, they are active, further enabling our teams to remain competitive.”

Integrated Payment Processing

Integrated payment processing means customers can pay for orders or open invoices by credit card through commercebuild, with payment data flowing seamlessly into Sage ERP. It eliminates manually process credit cards and recording in the software, freeing additional staff time and further speeding order processing times.

Growth While Optimizing Workforce

Previously, the company had four full-time people entering orders, but with the majority of B2B (business to business) orders coming directly through commercebuild, those same 4 personnel are now free to focus on marketing and promotion activities. “They are now working to build stronger customer relationships, not just taking orders.” Buffa concludes, “We’re providing customers with a great experience — they tell us they love doing business with us through the webstore. commercebuild allows us to focus on growing our customer base and building our business. We know we can scale the business further without adding more staff, thanks to the efficiencies the software provides.”

Download a PDF of the Case Study here: Buffa Case Study

About commercebuild

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