Socomore creates a Sage X3 Integrated eCommerce Webstore

November 30, 2020
2-minute read
eCommerce, Sage, Sage X3, Webstore

“Thanks to commercebuild, all orders entered by our customers are automatically entered into our Sage X3 Platform. The Customer Portal and Online store has reduced by 80% the manual line entries previously processed on the Sage X3 platform. The solution also gives our customers access to their order status, history and invoices. This visibility reduces the number of emails between the different stakeholders, increasing our operational efficiency.” – Digital Officer, Socomore

Socomore is a global leader in the development of expert solutions for the preparation, testing and treatment of surfaces assembly operations. If you have flown on a commercial airline, you have seen a Socomore protective coating on the engine and the invisible protection in a no-failure scenario!

They needed to extend their Sage X3 solution to the digital world. They chose commercebuild.

Online Fulfilment and Customer Self-Service

Socomore also needed to provide their customers with access to their bill of landing, certificate of conformance, and invoice as soon as the document was created. The regulations and document compliance in aerospace and other specialty chemical distributors are not optional, and commercebuild delivers with ease of use and provides Socomore with customer self-service.

With an online customer portal, and webstore, Socomore customers now have direct access to all orders, and have the ability to reorder common products with 2 clicks. Their online order penetration has gone from 15% to 50%, with a new goal of over 70% of all orders processed online. 

Download a PDF of the Case Study here: Socomore Case Study