The Power of a Sage X3 or 300 eCommerce Customer Portal Integration

October 19, 2021
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Nowadays, we have access to purchase pretty much anything at our fingertips. Whether we are looking for a type of product of a specific product brand, we can make use of a search engine and several options will appear in a matter of seconds. So let’s say we find what it is we’re looking for on Amazon and we place our order; well, then what? We want to know exactly what’s happening with our order and when we can expect to receive it. We find ourselves checking when the order has been shipped, tracking it along the way, and we want to be able to reorder with ease if we want more of that particular product- your customers want the same! 

With a Sage integrated eCommerce Customer Portal for Sage 300 (formerly ACCPAC) and Sage X3, you can give your customers 24/7 online access, accurate order information, and account management just like Amazon. This means your customers don’t have to wait for your staff to be in the office between 9-5 to be able to answer any order or invoicing questions. Instead, they can deal with this themselves 24/7 via their certified Sage X3 or 300 eCommerce online customer portal. Through the Sage eCommerce customer portal, you can offer your customers a consolidated real-time view of all of their orders across all sales channels, where you can also include clickable links to shipping information, so customers can track their shipment and know when to expect their delivery- just like you can with your own personal Amazon orders! Clickable links are a great addition to a Sage customer portal solution, whether you’re providing a link to shipping information or perhaps a link to an online customer chat. This gives your customers access to essential information with just a simple click and gives you an opportunity to present information to customers via the portal that previously would have required a phone call. 

Clickable links within customer portal

The out of the box commercebuild customer portal gives your customers a historical record of their orders, so weeks or years down the line if a customer wants to place an order for a product they have previously ordered, they can search for the product, find the serial number and easily replicate a previous order! This gives a huge uplift in customer satisfaction and allows employees to do more than deal with customer calls and emails, as customers can now do this themselves, online with their Sage customer portal solution!

We provide customers with an easy-to-use self-service and automated platform. Through our customer portal, we provide searchable AR history direct from Sage, giving your customer a complete searchable history of everything that has happened throughout their business relationship history with you. The AR record is there because the transaction itself comes directly from Sage to our platform, so whether it’s an online or offline transaction or an EDI transaction, everything that goes through Sage 300 or X3 is available for your customer to see online. 

Our embedded Sage-integrated customer portal makes it easy for your customers to see their invoice status and it also has the functionality to allow your customers to view and pay for open invoices through our Sage complete eCommerce integrated solution. The online customer portal also makes it easy for your customer to find debits and credits when it comes to their billing and invoicing, and they have access to all of this information 24/7. Providing your customers with access to this information and enabling them to pay open invoices online, greatly reduces the number of phone calls and emails that your staff needs to deal with, which frees up time for them to focus on developing other areas of your business.

Buffa Bowling says “commercebuild allows us to focus on growing our customer base and building our business. We know we can scale the business further without adding more staff, thanks to the efficiencies the software provides.”

With its intelligent self-service and automation functionality, an out-of-the-box Sage customer portal solution allows your customers to print and download the documents they require. Once an invoice has been created or a delivery note comes back into your Sage ERP, we can present that to your customers online so that they can view and download the document, if they wish. Customers have access to and can download or print a range of documents, from invoices, to credit notes, to shipping documents and even proof-of-delivery, so they can refer back to these documents at any time.

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Overall, there are several invaluable features and functionalities that can be delivered to your customers through a fully Sage eCommerce integrated commercebuild customer portal. It really is a one-stop-shop for all of your customer’s needs and helps to make it incredibly easy to create repeat business. A customer portal is a powerful tool to give your customers all of the information they need when it comes to managing orders that they have placed with your business to provide an exceptional level of customer service. 

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