Why You Should Use a Customer Portal & How to Calculate Its ROI

July 15, 2022
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Taylor Medina
ROI Calculator

The new world of eCommerce has allowed buyers to shop in the most convenient way possible, and gifted them with the ability to serve themselves in many different ways. With the introduction of a customer portal, customers are able to access accurate real-time information about their orders and accounting information without having to contact a customer service representative. 

This takes the hassle out of having to speak with someone, while still having all the information they need, right at their fingertips at their convenience. 

Our Customer Service Portal 

commercebuild allows you to exceed your customers’ evolving online expectations by giving them instant access to their account details, payment information, and order activity. Unlike other eCommerce customer portals, commercebuild is connected with your ERP software and provides a hub where your customers and partners can view and print everything from invoices and credit notes to shipping documents whenever they need them. 

Our customer payment portal also gives you the flexibility to accept payments for open invoices. 

Why Should You Calculate The ROI of Implementing a Customer Portal? 

We know that making use of our customer portal will save you both time and money, but we don’t want you to take our word for it. It’s important that you use real-life figures from your eCommerce store’s operating costs to figure out exactly how much time and money using a customer service portal will save you. 

Knowing this information will put your mind at ease so that you can see for yourself if our customer portal really is the right call for your business. 

Our Customer Portal ROI Calculator? 

We have created a customer portal ROI calculator which can figure out exactly how much money and time you are saving every month – and even every year. All you need to do is plug in some relevant figures and you’ll learn a whole lot about just how much our customer portal could be helping your business.  

Once you’ve started creating and implementing operational efficiencies, your sales team can spend their extra time acquiring new customers or upselling old clients rather than doing the mundane task of keeping current clients updated (when a customer portal could do just that). 

The ROI calculator that we have developed needs to get a couple of details from you before it can figure out just how much our customer portal can save your business. These are some of the metrics that you will need to provide in order to get accurate figures for your business:

Number of Customer Service Reps

You will need to tell the calculator just how many customer service reps are employed by your business. These people may go by different titles, but their main job is to deal directly with clients and make sure that all their requirements are being met, and that they remain informed about where their orders are at. 

Average Annual CSR Salary Including Benefits

You will also need to provide the average yearly salary of your customer service reps. This needs to include any and all benefits that they receive as you really want to get a good idea of the exact figure that your CSR team is costing the company.

Number of Customer Interactions Per CSR Per Day

You might need to liaise a little with your team to get an accurate figure for this one, but you need to find out just how many interactions each CSR is having with customers every day. This can include all forms of communications e.g calls, emails, texts, etc. 

Minutes Per Customer Interaction

You need to know, on average, how many minutes your CSRs are spending in communication during each interaction. Depending on your niche, these could range from very short interactions in which questions are answered in under a minute, to much longer interactions that take between 30 mins – 1 hour. 

Percentage of Customer Interactions That Could Be Self-Served Through The Customer Portal

You need to speak with your CSRs to find out what percentage of the interactions they have that could be answered on a customer portal. This figure varies among niches, while some find that many requests are with regards to shipping progress and order delivery, others find they have more complicated questions on their hands that require interaction with a knowledgeable CSR. 

Customer Portal One-Time Implementation Fee

You will also need to enter the amount commercebuild charges for our one-time implementation fee. This fee is required for set up and initial costs involved in acquiring our services. 

Customer Portal Flat Monthly Price

This amount is the monthly fee that you will pay for the use of commercebuild’s customer portal. 

What Information Will The Customer Portal ROI Calculator Provide?

Once you have filled in the correct information about your business, our ROI calculator will spit out metrics to ensure you know just what you are missing without the use of a customer portal. This is some of the data that you will have access to once our ROI calculator has run its magic. 

First Year of Value For Your eCommerce Store

One of the most eye-opening factors you will find out is just how much money your business will save on a monthly basis during the first year that the customer portal is implemented. This money will be saved as you will no longer have to spend as much money on CSRs answering clients directly. 

Instead, their focus can be readjusted to focus on different areas of the business such as acquiring new customers, or upselling existing customers. These are all important aspects of growing your business.

Value Per Day

You’ll also find out just how much value the customer service portal can provide you with every day – in a monetary value, which makes it far easier to understand. When you compare this to the amount that you are spending on the customer service portal every day, you will have a very good idea of just how much ROI is being provided with the addition of a customer service portal.

Total Monthly CSR Time Saved

You will also get an idea of just how much time your CSRs will save on a monthly basis. This information can guide how many CSRs can move into slightly different roles (such as upselling and acquiring new clients) so that your budget is being spent a little more effectively. 

Wrapping Up ROI For commercebuild’s Customer Portal

Of course, we understand that not every business is the same, so we can customize an ROI calculator for your business so that you are receiving the exact metrics that you need. If you are interested in commercebuild’s customer portal, reach out to us here so we can create a completely customized ROI calculator for you.  

The sooner you find out just how much time and money you could be saving with our customer portal, the sooner you’ll want to take the leap!

Complete the form below, and a member of our team will be in touch shortly! In the meantime, if you’re ready to book a suitable time to chat, complete the form and you will be redirected to our calendar, where you can get booked in!

About commercebuild 

commercebuild is the missing piece in transforming your ERP data into a truly personalized eCommerce experience. Flexible and frictionless, our turnkey eCommerce solution delivers 24/7 revenue opportunities to you and your customers. Quick to deploy and easy-to-use, we eliminate the need for middleware between the storefront and ERP data to enable seamless online buying and selling. 

Our solutions can be live in 30-days and offer complete eCommerce capabilities at a price B2B and B2C businesses can afford. 

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At the height of ecommerce growth, commercebuild offers scalable, reliable, and robust eCommerce solutions for everyone.

If your business is using Sage 300, Sage X3 or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERPs, commercebuild can build a ERP-driven B2B and B2C eCommerce webstore or Customer Portal.